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The cartoonist

Cartoonist and follower of the franco-belgian comics and the American comic strips, the author has grouped his collection under the title "The mysterious adventures of Laszlo and Edgar", that also included the comics of these two characters along with books compiling letters and other documents, books about how he does his works and other historical books.

The main collection is about the adventures of the two ex boy-scout youngsters Laszlo and Edgar after their period as workers for a news agency, such as it was narrated in the previous series of comic strips titled "Newsstand" created between 2001 and 2004, brought together in the collection "Comic Strips" (2010).

Most of the works by the author are comics, but he wanted to include other books related to other topics with documentation about some car or plane models belonging to the epoch in which the adventures of the characters is developed.

The Webcomic List
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