My most important influences have come from two different creators: First of all, Hergé.
The Tintin style, above all that of the first stories, was what I loved ever since. Below you can see some photos of Hergé, creator of the character. Just below, a page from The Blue Lotus and a page in black and white from Cigars of the Pharaoh:



Quick y Flupke were other characters created by Hergé for two more series. These characters were very influencing in my series due to the humour, figthing the policeman of their neighborhood continuously. Below, another page in which appears the policeman and the two protagonists:

An American cartoonist named George McManus was very influencing too, from whom I knew his comics. Here you can see two of his strips, from his comic series Bringing up Father, below his picture.


The other series that has influenced me definitively has been Blondie, popular American comic more than 75 years appearing in the press. About 2011, I began purchasing the International Herald Tribune. There I knew his series. The balloons in which he wrote the texts influenced my works and the clear line he uses to draw his comics. Here you can see a sample, below the cartoonist.

Chic Young, original creator of Blondie.
Dean Young, son of Chic that still continues drawing the strip.
Another series that influenced in my beginnings was Doonesbury, by Garry Trudeau, which I also read in the Herald Tribune. It was a comic I liked, above all the drawing style, though the strip was mainly about politics. In the first comics I did one can see the influences of this series in the drawing style. Below, two strips of Doonesbury and the cartoonist.

Garry Trudeau

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