The characters

LASZLO, one of the main characters of the series who lives with Edgar and Ebert in a country house. Without parents since he was a student, he knew Ebert who proposed him to live with him. Member of the boy-scout group of his former school, he helps Ebert in his job and with his friend Edgar he received military instruction by the leader of the boy-scout group.

EDGAR, Laszlo's friend, he met Laszlo at school when they were classmates.He lives with him and Ebert, who decided to accomodate him in his house, after living alone in a small room in a guesthouse. He helps Ebert and Melke, sometimes delivering newspapers in the city, and also, he also belonged in the past to the boy-scout group together with Laszlo.

POWELL, in the beginnings, head of the boy-scout group and leader of the organization Laszlo and Edgar belongs to. Military instructor, he will order them the most secret and risky missions to infiltrate the enemy, though many times Laszlo and Edgar act by themselves without receiveing his orders. The surname Powell was taken from Baden Powell, founder of the boy-scout group. I also paid attention to his face to create the character.

EBERT, journalist who works for the radio station. He is happy for living in a country house with Laszlo and Edgar.

MELKE, journalist who works for a newspaper agency. In the previous strips of the comic, he is a distributor of newspapers of the agency who delivers them to newsstands around the city. Edgar and he are very good friends and know each other good. In the comic series, he is an informer between the newspaper agency and the group of Laszlo and Edgar.

Mr. MARTIN, director of the newspaper agency. He is the person who chooses and publishes the news in The Century newspaper. He appears more frequently in the first comic strips than in the comic books.

JURGEN is the second captain of the group. He is the link of Laszlo and Edgar with the leader Powell.
FANNY, secretary of Mr. Martin. Nice with every character, especially with Laszlo and Edgar. She mainly appears in the previous comic strip series.
CHAULET is the surname of the revisor and mechanic of the autogyro that Laszlo and Edgar use for travelling. When a journey comes, he always urges them to return the artefact without damage, something that happens not always...
ERIKA the hamster is the mascot of Laszlo and Edgar that has appeared as a new character to make the comic series more amusing. From the beginning, Laszlo and Edgar want her to feed her and take care of her but finally she will be the mascot used by the group to scare "enemies".


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